In a ‘creepy’ moment Biden compliments a young girl during a speech she seems to be 19 and is sitting with her legs crossed

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Dr. Ionel Coltea

In a ‘creepy’ moment Biden compliments a young girl during a speech she seems to be 19 and is sitting with her legs crossed

During President Joe Biden’s latest speech, an elementary schoolgirl became the unfortunate center of attention. During a controversial incident on the Langley-Eustis Joint Base in Hampton, Virginia, the president addressed personnel. Social media reacted angrily to his comment about the girl’s hair and calling her a young lady. Despite his celebrity for grumblings, the president has often faced awkward encounters with girls.

When he and Floyd’s daughter visited the White House a few days ago, Floyd claimed that Floyd’s daughter wanted to sit on his lap. His first question to a nurse was, Are you a freshman? During a video call in February.
Lucy Flores, a former lawmaker from Nevada, has filed a lawsuit against him after he inexplicably contacted her.

After introducing the president to attendees at the military base, the girl’s family was on the stage for the latest unscripted interaction. Video of the incident quickly went viral, and the video was swiftly condemned. According to Biden, the girl and her family haven’t been apologized to, as with other encounters in the past.

The New York Post reports that her mother and two older brothers were on stage with her when she appeared. Brittany Biden introduced her mother into the room, and everyone sat to the side for the president’s remarks. Biden expressed his honor at sharing the stage with Brittany, Jared, Nathen, and Margaret Catherine, following his thanks to Virginia Governor Ralph Northam.

As Biden turned back to the family, he said, I love those barrettes in your hair, man. Look at her, and she looks like she is 19! Her legs are crossed like a little lady as she sits there like a little lady. Then he smiled and praised Brittany for being a veteran, a spouse of a military member, and a teacher. Post-Millennials were among the first to share the interactive image and posted it to Twitter shortly afterwards.

One person commented on the video on Twitter: “That’s disturbing! WTF?. Several users commented on Biden’s sexualization of a young girl. A user noted that it’s unreal that Biden doesn’t get even the same treatment as Trump, even when he’s essentially just flirting with little girls on live television.

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