Boosting Employee Motivation

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Boosting Employee Motivation

A simple, but effective method for boosting employee motivation is to offer them time off for volunteering or giving back to their community. Millennials, who make up 35% of the workforce, are known for being purpose-driven and will often forgo higher pay for meaningful work. These people are highly motivated, and this in turn breeds higher job performance and employee engagement. By offering them time off, you’ll be able to give them the motivation they need to perform at their best.

There are several factors to consider when boosting employee motivation. Some employees are more stressed than others. Their jobs are risky, and some may even work from home. Others may be deskless or in dangerous environments. They may be scattered across the world, or even the US. Either way, they need support from their managers and co-workers to stay motivated. But how do you motivate them in the face of all these challenges? Here are a few tips for boosting employee motivation:

Recognizing employees’ achievements is a proven way to boost their motivation. Research shows that 70% of employees would be more motivated if their managers gave them more recognition for their efforts. Even if your high-flier has been performing well for you for a while, they may not be motivated enough to remain dedicated to the company. There is a direct correlation between employee satisfaction and productivity. So, it pays to take care of your employees’ needs.

In the long run, a motivated workforce is a better company, because they are more engaged and productive. Employees who are motivated are more committed to their work and will work harder for the company’s mission. They will also be more likely to stay with the company and continue working hard for it. This is an important benefit for public and private sector organizations alike. And remember: employee satisfaction is directly proportional to company growth, so it’s worth a try.

Public recognition is another good way to motivate your employees. Public recognition feels more powerful and can boost employee motivation in the entire team. For example, in a small work group, thank you cards were publicly awarded to the group’s best performers. This practice led to improved performance for all group members. Another benefit of witnessing a colleague receiving recognition is that it may motivate others to work harder and improve their performance as well. This tactic will motivate employees to go the extra mile.

One way to boost employee motivation is to set individual goals. Individual objectives can help motivate employees and make them feel more committed to their job. If your employees see you are interested in their lives outside the office, they’ll feel valued. A good company culture creates an atmosphere where people are happy and motivated to improve their lives. This can help a company attract top talent and keep them. By increasing the employee morale of your workforce, you’ll see your profits grow by two times.

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